Dr Bing Yun Zhu

BVSc (hons) DACVIM

Dr Bing Yun Zhu graduated from the University of Sydney with first class honours. During her vet school summer vacation, she was also selected as one of 24 veterinary students chosen from around the world to participate in Cornell University’s prestigious Veterinary Leadership Program.
 After graduation, Bing worked for 1 month in general practice in Canberra, ACT.

Having always wanted to specialise in small animal internal medicine, Bing then accepted an offer from the University of Sydney to work as a registrar at the Camden Veterinary Teaching Hospital for 1 year. She then participated in a rotating internship at the University of Sydney in early 2011.
 Between 2011 and 2014, Bing undertook a residency in internal small animal medicine at the University of California, Davis, where she was received the Lagniappe Smith Award for Clinical Excellence and Teaching. This is an award given to one out of all residents in the hospital for performance in the hospital and dedication to patient care and student teaching.

Bing’s specialty training research was directed at bronchoscopy (video scoping of the airways) for chronically coughing dogs and cats. Other than airway disease, Bing’s key interests include acute or chronic kidney disease, proteinuria and minimally invasive procedures. She also hopes to eventually bring more minimally invasive techniques to Australian pets involving scoping procedures and interventional radiology techniques.

She lives in Sydney with Osmond (long haired German Shepherd Dog), Sienna (red and white Border Collie) and her fiancé. Her hobbies include indoor rock climbing, photography, music (piano and singing), martial arts, graphite sketching and Asian pop culture. Bing believes that our pets are all members of our families and deserve just as good care as ourselves – whether that be standard of medicine or even just cuddles and compassion in the hospital environment.