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Whether your pet needs 24/7 emergency veterinary treatment, or specialist animal hospital care for an ongoing problem, we offer a range of services to help pets and their families live their best life.

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When your pet needs specialist veterinary care, your local vet can refer you to SASH. Whether it’s an emergency situation or an ongoing problem, SASH have an expert team who offer a range of services to make sure your pet gets the high quality care they need.

SASH stands for Small Animal Specialist Hospital. It means our specialists have had extra training and have passed additional exams to become highly skilled in their veterinary area of choice.

Treatment is tailored specifically to the needs of you and your pet. We have dedicated veterinary specialists who work alongside highly trained nurses and emergency veterinarians to solve your pets’ problem. Our veterinarians are also in touch with the latest treatment options and clinical trials in veterinary medicine.

Assisting them is our dedicated and compassionate team of receptionists, highly trained nurses, residents and interns, along with our state of the art equipment. This includes on-site ultrasound, CT scans, and access to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facilities. SASH also has purpose built surgical theatres with the latest technology for bone and joint surgery, soft tissue surgery and eye surgery such as cataract removal.



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