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Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

At SASH, rehabilitation is an important part of all our patients’ recovery.

Our Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation team is here to help your dog (or cat,
rabbit or chicken) with their mobility issues. We believe that in every way, play and
movement is central to a joyful, fulfilling dog life.

Veterinary Sports Medicine developed as a specialty to support all dogs in participating in
sports or play, at any level. Sports Medicine investigates lameness, musculoskeletal pain
and poor or abnormal movement in dogs and treats these conditions in ways that do not
involve surgery.

Not just for the canine athlete, it recognises that staying active; playing, chasing and going for walks; is the most effective way to a happy, healthy dog. It keeps dogs mentally well and is the most important step to staving off chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis, heart disease, diabetes and many cancers.

SASH Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation department is state-of-the-art.

SASH Sports Medicine

To investigate your dog’s pain or lameness, our facilities include CT, MRI, musculoskeletal ultrasound, needle arthroscopy and temporospatial gait analysis.

Once we find the cause, SASH offers the same treatment options and care our human
athletes have access to. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Regenerative therapies including platelet-rich plasma (PRP), hyaluronic acid and stem cell therapies
  • Local anaesthetic and corticosteroid injections
  • Surgical arthroscopy
  • Acupuncture
  • Pain clinic
  • Rehabilitation team providing massage, joint mobilisation, class IV laser, therapeutic exercise and hydrotherapy.

Post Surgery Care

Rehabilitation is an important part of all our patients’ recovery.  Our Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation team works closely with the surgery and medicine departments to help pets get back to the activities they love, as soon as possible.

As well as looking after inpatients, ongoing rehabilitation consults are offered after discharge from hospital, as well as an outpatient consulting service for those who have been treated at their regular vet practice.

Advice and fitting is available for harnesses, supportive splints and carts.

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Our Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Team